About Us

A property management company focused on improving the HOA industry.

Empowered HOA is designed by property managers for property management companies and self-managed HOA’s. With over 32 years of combined experience in HOA management, we’ve developed a patented cloud-based software that will change the HOA software Industry and the way HOA’s are managed.

Eight years ago we started a property management company to improve the HOA industry. The company was started by a board member in a community where he felt the pain of constant follow up and never knowing what was going on, or having to wait until the next meeting for an update. He knew there was a better way. He decided to survey board members of many different communities and saw similar issues, most HOA’s were feeling the same pain he felt and an answer needed to be provided.

As he adjusted the survey based on responses, he understood the key elements in which owners and board members feel pain. We break these down into five categories: communication, transparency, enforcement, training, and accounting. When looking at other products, we found most software programs were designed by computer programmers and accountants who saw a niche, took a platform and tried to alter it to HOA management. We thought to ourselves, “What we need is a product designed by people in and who know the industry”. Over the past eight years, the software has been refined by our association management team based on repeated implementation and testing cycles. This has resulted in what we believe to be the premier HOA management software. We now want to share our product with others who are handcuffed to outdated and limited tools.


As part of these tools, we expect boards and managers to eliminate the web of emails for 100’s of different HOA’s, spreadsheets, paper work orders, sticky notes, calendar reminders, phone calls, etc. Who has time to organize all of that? How many people does it take to see a task all the way through? And at what cost to the HOA? EmpoweredHOA developed the tools to put all of those notices in one spot, specific to the community. Boards now have a place to go to see what answers are being provided to owners and how work was being performed on specific tasks. Boards no longer have to wait for a meeting to get answers. Managers are now able to look at all of the communities in their portfolio from one screen, all while reducing overhead expenses. Management company owners are now able to oversee their managers’ work in one location to ensure their communities are being taken care of.

There are many websites and software companies focused on HOA’s. In most cases, you have to get communication software, a violation software, accounting, etc., from different providers. Although each product may make that specific task more efficient, it does not allow management companies or boards the ability to go to one place or one vendor for all of their community needs. Empowered HOA allows the management team, whether a community manager or board, to put all of their tools in one location, for every community in their portfolio.