Vendor Management

Interactive Maintenance Requests

No more “black holes”. When a maintenance request is posted to the action items it creates a direct link between the resident, board members, property manager, and necessary vendors. Managed by the property manager and board, requests now become productive and easy to track. The board is able to see work progress (to the second!) and the owner is notified of completed work or decisions.

Vendor Portals

The board and management company can now interact with any community vendor in one location. No more unproductive email chains or unanswered phone calls. When assigned to specific Action Items, the vendor can report directly to the property manager and board through their own portal. This creates seamless accountability and helps manage expectations. Before and after photos can be tied to each Action Item so the board can quickly sign-off on completed work orders.

Vendors Become More Efficient

Have you had vendors that are hard to get in touch with? Have you had gaps in communication with your vendor where you say one thing and they do another? Communities using Empowered HOA have found that vendors become more responsive, efficient and eliminate misinterpretation of work requests, all of which result in lower prices for the HOA. The recording and tracking of responses help you quickly determine whether a vendor meets the community’s needs. Vendors are now able to provide responses while they are working and don’t need to interrupt you while you are doing the many other things that you are obligated to do outside of HOA life.