As a board member, it makes my job easier to make sure my community members are being taken care of. It’s great seeing how my Community Manager is progressing on what we need done. – An awesome Board Member

Custom Website

Each community is provided with a community website to promote transparency and communication.

Board Member Interaction

Create a website for your owners and potential buyers.
  • – Our Patented Communication Tool gives each Board the ability to oversee their community and communicate with your team in a private and secure setting.
  • – Reduce calls and broken email chains from your board members
  • – Online Bill Approval (accounting integration)


Our Patented Communication Tool, Action Items, gives homeowners the peace of mind to know their correspondence is private and can be seen by your management team and the community board. Whether its appealing a fine, reporting a violation, submitting a work order, or telling you you’re doing a great job, it gives owners a quick way to communicate with the management team.

Additional Features

  • – Community Calendar and Amenity Reservations
  • – Document Storage and increased transparency
  • – Online Payments
  • – Balance Visibility (accounting integration)