Action Items

Are you tired of juggling multiple email chains and calls to deal with one task? Are you sick of waiting until next meeting to get an update on tasks? This feature is the bread and butter of our patented software. Action Items create a One-Stop location to manage homeowner issues, complaints, make suggestions, personal requests and any other important communication, all in a private setting.
Action Items offer multiple features to help each community run smooth and efficiently:

Confidential Communication

Homeowner/Resident Ability: Action Items allow owners to privately post to the HOA Board and Management Company. It is not an open forum for all users. Comments are only visible to the board and management company. This allows owners to feel comfortable to submit rule violations, appeal violation notices, and address personal information regarding accounts (late fees, payment issues, etc.).
Board Ability: The board is also able to privately discuss matters between meetings to help come to quick resolutions. The board can discuss items and comment openly. The owner can be notified once a decision has been made. This feature allows the board to promptly ratify any decision at the next meeting.


Future Action Items

No more trying to remember tabled items or residual tasks. Reminders can auto-populate Action Items into the queue for specific dates.


Keep past information available at your fingertips to reopen work orders, homeowner request, or past decisions. This feature allows for quick reference to past answers that can help future decisions.

Groups & Committees

Organize owners into groups, by building or address, to help with communicating important information quickly that only affects certain owners/residents within the community. Landscaping committees, Architectural Review Committees, and any other committee can be defined and created to review specific Action Items or create communication that can be kept in a secure place and under the board’s view.